Just another Nodetraveller



It’s been a while.

Been busy with work, life and stuff.

But feel like posting again so I’ve changed servers and got a temp design up, which will change soon.

So let’s see what happens.

Another LiveInfo Fix

Andrew Gregory reported some bugs in Opera 7.54u2. The bug in Opera 7.54u2 turned out to be rather strange. Any opera browser below 7.6 uses an iframe and I check the html within the frame to see if it is loaded. I use the text as that is the root node. In 7.54u2, there is no , only . Strange. Anyway I introduced a check for that and it works okay now.

Andrew also reported a bug in Opera 8.0 beta 1but I couldn’t reproduce it. As usual, the updated zip is now available from the downloads section or you can download it direct.

I’m still looking for reports on usage on mac and linux browsers. Please take the time to comment below if you’re using a mac or linux and say if it works or not. Thanks…

LiveInfo Update

Just a minor update release on LiveInfo. Version 1.01 just tidies up some Javascript warnings that sometimes occur.